"Our vision is to be more than a refuge; it is to be a revitalizing community"

where all may be saved, healed, strengthened, and equipped to go into the world on active mission for our Lord Jesus Christ.

August 2014 Newsletter — The Carillon

Attached is August’s newsletter, featuring everything that is happening this month at Trinity.  Take a look!


August 2014 Newsletter

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July 2014 Carillon — Monthly Newsletter

Click below for all the news about what’s happening at Trinity!  Take special note of the application for the 2015 Romania Mission Trip.  See Tony for more information!


July 2014 Carillon

JULY 2014 calendar

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June 2014 Carillon — Monthly Newsletter

Click Below for this month’s calendar and the June Carillon, our monthly newsletter!


JUNE 2014 calendar June 2014 Carillon

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