"Our vision is to be more than a refuge; it is to be a revitalizing community"

where all may be saved, healed, strengthened, and equipped to go into the world on active mission for our Lord Jesus Christ.

“A Celebration of Music in Worship,” this Sunday at 10:30 am

Join us for "A Celebration of Music in Worship!"

Join us for “A Celebration of Music in Worship!”

Join us this Sunday at 10:30 am as we celebrate how music impacts our worship.  In the course of the worship hour, we will reflect upon how music focuses our worship of God, how music offers us the comfort of God’s presence in difficult times, and how music unites us for God’s mission.  In addition to congregational singing, our Sanctuary Choir, instrumentalists, and soloists will be featured throughout the service.  We will also be led in worship by “Emerald Road,” a celtic ensemble, and  Rev. Josh Hunt, Associate Pastor of First Baptist Church in Anderson, will offer reflections on our themes in worship.

Come be a part of this special service of music and worship this Sunday at 10:30 am!

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August 2014 Newsletter — The Carillon

Attached is August’s newsletter, featuring everything that is happening this month at Trinity.  Take a look!


August 2014 Newsletter

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July 2014 Carillon — Monthly Newsletter

Click below for all the news about what’s happening at Trinity!  Take special note of the application for the 2015 Romania Mission Trip.  See Tony for more information!


July 2014 Carillon

JULY 2014 calendar

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